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Appropriate Adults Tayside was first established in 1999 in response to Scottish Office guidance issued in 1998 regarding “Interviewing People Who Are Mentally Disordered”.

The Appropriate Adult Tayside Service has always been a partnership service that has been managed jointly between Angus Council, Dundee City Council, Perth and Kinross Council, NHS Tayside and Police Scotland (Tayside Division). When it was first formed the service was delivered using local authority social workers, mental health officers, mental health nurses and suitably qualified / experienced volunteers. Over time, as service use has increased, the service has had to evolve and undertaking its most dramatic change in April 2007.

In order to meet the demands placed on the service and ensure that people with a mental disorder who were interviewed by the police were not being placed at a disadvantage the service had to stop using the skills of volunteers and moved to a contracted service using self employed appropriate adults who work on a rota system providing guaranteed cover across Tayside 365 days per year 24 hours a day.

Tayside appropriate adults are carefully selected for their skills and experience of working with people who have a mental disorder. They are required to undertake further training in the role of the appropriate adult and undergo appropriate disclosure checks before they are offered a contract and can provide the services of an appropriate adult in Tayside.